Introducing Dirusso's Italian Sausage of!

Ross Morrone

For the first time in 70 years, Dirusso's Italian Sausage has come online with Dirusso's Sausage Inc., located in Youngstown, Ohio, is a favorite among local fairs and festivals, but can be found in over 300 retail stores and 30 food distributors located across Ohio, Pennsylvania,  New York and West Virginia. 

Joining the marketplace, Dirusso's is bringing its flagship Italian sausage into the Dirusso's Sausage Crave Box. It features nine pounds of sausage in three variations, including both links and patties.

The other product to be listed in the marketplace is the Dirusso's Meatball Crave Box. Almost nine pounds of meatball is included in this box, including classic meatballs, mini meatballs (perfect for wedding soup!) and turkey meatballs. If you took 70 years to perfect a meatball recipe, this crave box would be the result!

The teams from FoodECrave and Dirusso's Sausage are both excited about this partnership in online retail and look forward to adding more products in the near future!