Valentine's Day Meal Ideas for Two or More

Valentine's Day Meal Ideas for Two or More

Ross Morrone

Valentine's day is just around the corner, and instead of going out and fighting for a reservation, stay in and make more than just - well, you know - make dinner for two or more!

Here at FoodECrave, our favorite restaurant is our home, because we control the meal. We know the ingredients, we know how to cook them well and we know that a meal prepared with our own hands is more appreciated by our significant others than one by someone else.

This Valentine's Day, follow some of these easy recipes below to make your V-Day dinner extra special for that special someone! We've also put together a collection of meals that are perfect for Valentine's Day Dinner.

Steak and Lobster Dinner, Side Vegetable with Dessert

Simple enough. Our Date Night Box is, and always will be the perfect meal for date night. Combining steak and lobster, you get the best of both the land and the sea. We recommend using simple seasoning on the steak - olive oil, sea salt and course ground black pepper only - sear on both sides fro 5 - 7 minutes for med/rare or 10 - 12 for med/well. Boil the lobster for 12 - 15 minutes, finish with melted salted butter. Add in a nice vegetable The Date Night Box also includes a meat board for starters and 2 pints of ice cream for dessert. Add in your favorite wine or beer pairing and you have a perfect relaxing dinner.

A lot at Steak and Sea Meal

If you are having friends or family over the romantic holiday, we suggest going with our Steak Lovers and Seafood Lovers boxes. Putting them both together will add a nice selection of both land and sea options for your guests. A pot luck of side dishes will make your cook easy and the company impressed. Searing and finishing in the oven is always the easiest way to go with these choices. Meat thermometers are key when searing and baking out - know your temps for each cut of meat or choice of seafood and check often. Don't forget that resting your steak will allow it to continue to cook for up to 10 minutes and between 5 and 10 degrees!

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