Big Dipper Food Company was founded by two longtime friends, John and Marty, in August of 2005. Both had many years of experience in the food industry, producing hand made products with old-fashioned value. Wanting to branch out together, they pulled out John’s family recipe for homemade peanut brittle and an old tradition was revived.

The company began producing peanut brittle in small batches, each carefully watched and stirred by hand. Only quality ingredients were used, like sweet buttery spread, tapioca syrup, and fresh nuts. The distinctive round brittles were poured by hand into molds and quickly packaged to preserve all that wonderful flavor. Pecans, cashews, and almonds were added to the mix and several new “flavors” of brittle came to be.

It wasn’t long after the company was founded that brittle met popcorn and a new favorite was born: brittle popcorn, in several new flavors: peanut, cashew, and pecan brittle popcorn, and for those who don’t like nuts, a buttery caramel brittle popcorn was introduced to the line which contained no nuts.

Realizing how tasty the brittle coated popcorn was, more time was spent in the kitchen until Granola Pop popcorn was discovered. Whole oats and other ingredients, like creamy peanut butter, cinnamon, and fresh roasted almonds, were added to the mix to create “the snack with benefits.”

The MoonRocks brand was launched in 2016 with a familiar product: peanut butter Granola Pop popcorn was re-branded as MoonRocks Original Peanut Butter popcorn. The brand features two convenient bag sizes and gorgeous new packaging. The company plans to extend the MoonRocks line in the future, with other ingredients like gourmet chocolate and pretzels. We figure now is a good time to suggest following our social media so you can be the first to know about new MoonRocks products!