Sell on FoodECrave

FoodECrave was built for those that make great foods and food products and would love to be part of the a gourmet online marketplace. It's easy to sell your products on FoodECrave, just follow the steps below and you will be on your way.

Become a Vendor

1. Apply to Become a Vendor
To become a FoodECrave vendor, you must first apply and be approved. Fill out our vendor application here, and one of our team members will contact you.

2. Wait to be Approved by the FoodECrave Team
The FoodECrave team will review your application to be come a vendor with FoodECrave. Once approved, you will be given access to the marketplace portal where you can create and list your products. Upon approval, we will also need you to fill out and submit a W9 form. Instructions will be included in the approved email.

3. List your products
A link will be emailed upon your approval to FoodECrave with instructions to log in into the marketplace portal. Each product that you submit to the is subject to approval by the

4. Promote Our Partnership, and Your Products.
One you have active products on, it's time to start promoting your products. We have put together this handy PR package that walks you through sending out PR to local media outlets. In the past, we have had a lot of success promoting our vendors through local media companies, and you can do the same. We also encourage you to Like FoodECrave on Facebook and Instagram. Don't forget to tag us in your product promotions so we can re-post to our social media channels!

How FoodECrave Works

We take care of the hassle of selling your products online, but we offer so much more.

Step One - List Your Product
Once you become an approved food vendor on FoodECrave, you can list up to 10 items on our marketplace for free! Listing more products are subject to $1 per listing, per month fee.

Step Two - Sell Your Product
Once your product is sold, FoodECrave takes a small commission for the processing of your order. You get notified about the transaction, and are responsible for packing, shipping and any customer service issues that arise.

Step Three - Ship Your Product
Once your product is packed up, it's time to ship. Choose your favorite shipping company to send your product to your customers. If you need help in this area, no problem! We have a full service fulfillment option for your business to utilize when it comes to shipping.

Step Four - Get Paid for Your Product
Once your order has been processed, you get paid. Really, it's that easy.

Why Should I Sell on FoodECrave?

The team at FoodECrave isn't just a group of guys that got together because they wanted to start a business, we got together because we love everything about food. Our core team is made up of a butcher and business owner, a logistics engineer and a marketing pro - all foodies at heart. Our experience in our respective industries has given us the ability and skill set to develop FoodECrave from an idea on paper, to a fully functional marketplace.

By listing your products on FoodECrave, your get our expertise and experience, plus all the perks of being part of a fully social platform. We are constantly driving traffic to our website through online and traditional advertising, exposing your products to thousands of users. In addition to this, we not only will promote your product on our social media channels, but you may included in our monthly newsletter, PR distributions and listed as a featured product in our own crave boxes. We want this to be a partnership, not just another product listing site!

Who can sell on FoodECrave?

The short answer, anyone. The long answer is slightly more complicated, because there are Cottage Laws that you must follow before you can sell your home goods. FoodECrave is not liable for the products you sell, we are simply a marketplace website that helps to drive traffic for your products, you are responsible for your own products an their liabilities.

For more information on what you need to do before you sell your product on FoodECrave, visit the Cottage Food Laws website.