I routinely tell my dog, Miss Zuri, that she hit the jackpot. The dog lottery, if you will. She has her own bed yet plops herself on the couch on a daily basis. She gets walked twice a day on the Hermosa Beach Green Belt and visits the Redondo Beach dog park 2-3 times per week. Rarely does she ever spend more than 4 hours alone. Most of all, she has been eating handmade human grade food for years. It all started when she was a pup and had skin and coat issues that were unresolved by switching to the ever-so-popular and overpriced "grain-free" option in the dog food aisle. Not to mention the fact that this one year old black lab mix would not finish her bowl of food. In my experience, this was unheard-of. So, I started making her food; buying chicken, rice, and veggies from the grocery store and whipping up a week's worth at a time. In no time, her persistent itching subsided, her coat became thick and shiny, and(sparing you the gory details) her stools became regular. Not to mention, her food dish was spotless after each meal, leaving not a single morsel of food behind. Zuri Food was born.

Come to find out, most pet food is feed grade, meaning it's often composed of byproducts from corn, soy, and beef production. I've always considered Zuri a family member and I always want to make sure my family is fed the best quality and greatest tasting food.

Fast forward 2 years and we have settled on 3 specific recipes, each with a different protein, carb, veggie, and fruit mixture. The benefits are clear and immediate and will surely result in a longer, healthier life for Zuri dog.

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