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Aged Steak Box

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About the Aged Steak Box

We took everything that we love about our Steak Box, and aged it to perfection. These steaks are prime graded, which means they go through serious inspection before they get to our butcher tables. 

The Aging Process

We dry age our steaks for a specific amount of time in a temperature controlled environment until the meat has reached a mature flavor. During this process, enzymes break down muscle tissue and fibers to enhance the flavor of the overall beef. We take great pride in our aging process, and your taste buds will reap the benefits. Want to know more about dry aging beef? Check out the video below from our staff butcher!

What's in the Box

Two of our favorite cuts of meat, the New York Strip and the Sirloin Filet. This box is perfect for small parties of 4 - 8.

  • 4 - 10oz / Aged New York Strip Steaks
  • 4 - 6oz / Aged Sirloin Filets

More About Dry Aging Beef

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