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PLEASE NOTE: You may experience 'crumbing' or 'breakage' of kolachi cookies due to shipment. They travel best in cool or mild conditions. This does not affect the quality of the cookies, they are always guaranteed to arrive fresh.

As popular as the large apricot kolachi rolls, and Mom or Grandma would spend all day in kitchen making both. The doughs are different, but the fillings and traditions are the same. You won't see a Wedding Cookie Table or family gathering without them. 

The cookie is a cream cheese dough with sweet cream butter, and is fantastic without filling. Add fresh apricot or walnut filling and you're hooked! There are many variations and names. You may recognize them as kolacky, kolaczki, kolachky, or kiffles.  No matter what you call them, we hope ours can bring back some sweet memories.

Size: Cookies are made by hand and therefore vary in size & weight, approximately 3" long and 10 oz per box.