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About the Lobster Lover's Box

We get your love of lobster, and we crave the sweet taste of a boiled or grilled lobster tail, so we created the Lobster Lover's Box. Featuring 4 Maine Lobster tails and 4 South American Tails from Brazil.

Maine Lobster tails are clawed lobsters, which thrive in cold, shallow waters and are typically found as far north as Newfoundland and as far south as North Carolina. The lobsters usually live in deep water in the fall and return to shallower depths in the spring.

The tails form Brazil are from the warm waters off the coast of Brazil. These waters provide the perfect setting for some of the best tasting warm water lobster tails in the world.

What's in the Lobster Lover's Box

  • 4 - 6oz Maine Lobster Tails
  • 4 - 6oz South American Lobster Tails
    Region: Brazil